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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The New Frontier

howdy all. On Feb 26, the new DC animated film is released. The first one followed the Superman: Doomsday plotline (Death of Superman in the comics, was a great film in its own right). The latest film in the series is - The New Frontier. They made a movie of it.

The New Frontier was a refreshing take on the origins of the old Justice League heroes, set in the era of the Golden Age itself. This is a revisionist take on the Justice League, paring it down to its barest essentials but keeping everything that makes it so interesting and so great. It looks astounding, bold character design and lush backgrounds. It makes you feel like you're reading a pulp comic from the Golden Age itself. The New Frontier has such an epic sense of time and place, a feeling about a great change in the world. Its optimistic, in a way that all childhood fantasies are. And its got Hal Jordan, fighter pilot, discovering who he was meant to be.
After reading some seriously rave reviews at AintItCoolNews, and loving the comic for a long long time now, I"m completely pumped to check this out. If you've ever read the comic you might be able to grasp the excitement of it, and as a fully fleshed out film. I really can't wait. So in the next few weeks I'll try and get a review up of the film itself, a comparative look at it in relation to the source material and the grander context of the film in relation to the contemporary Superhero genre (the possibilities of a live-action Justice League film, for starters).