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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

subject yyyyyyyyeah

i'm at uni, filling in time before our first production meeting (or is it second, i dont know if the first one counted. it seemed unofficial. yeah. ok. im not counting that one) for our semester 2 production - Subject Y note: Subject Y is the working title.
The film is directed by Aaron McLisky (visionary, auteur, genius and so on..) and we've got a rockin and rollin crew. Some people I've worked with, other people I've wanted to work with and just other people. Subject Y (working title) is a fucked up film, kind of similar to Eraserhead of Matthew Barney's (very fucking brilliant) Cremaster Cycle. Needless to say, this film is incredibly exciting. Its a huge challenge, but its very strong visually, has a lot of powerful cinematic elements and will be a very weird film. It has the potential to be extremely good, bigger than MAS213, bigger than the course. If its good, it could be one of those viral movies that spreads the internet and people send to each other as a test to see if they 'have the balls'.
There are a few... provocative scenes in it. A new born (freakish looking) baby is put in a desk drawer. A woman files her fingernail until it bleeds. Alot of vaseline, sticky stuff. A few orgasms. Sweat. Theres a lot more. The film has a disturbing vibe. I really want to get into someone elses film, post-Beekeeper. It was great to do that film, and it still needs a lot of work to finish it off, but i want to collaborate with another person on their film, and make it awesome. Just what i want to do right now. Subject Y is really exciting. It's (touch air with single finger, followed by stern nod) hot.

Back to Superheroes, I'd like to film 'monoxide', a film about the death of the superhero figure in the contemporary age. Its a cool concept. I'm thinking I might extend it into a feature, have three different story narratives: one of the superhero, one of the sidekick, and one of the supervillain. set it over one day. that would give me complete freedom to explore any ideological concerns I have about Superheroes, and who knows, maybe even get it out of my system. Jess asked me the other day why I don't do films that aren't about superheroes. At this stage, I guess, thats all that interests me. I could do dramas about a man bitten by a rabid monkey, or a wheelchair olympian going through a divorce - with his brother (!), but frankly im not interested. Even though Superheroes are kindof the same film i've always been doing (deconstructing costumed identites, ex. clown, death, gorilla) i think its getting more intelligent and maybe im starting to make better films. maybe not. i dont know. i enjoy it though. and everyone likes a superhero, don't they?

'monoxide' could even be my attempt at a magnolia film. i may have missed the mark (donnie darko, look both ways, any other recent film with multiple narrative strands and a sad song sequence in slow motion), but fuck it. x men and superman and spiderman and batman and all that shit, they're all too hollywood, too glamorous, too iconic. the superhero needs to be torn down to what it is and people need to see this. myth is always being made, constructed. that means it can be changed. the balance of power can shift. everything is ideological. fuck superman. hes an asshole anyway.

so yeah. in production soon: my short drama about a fax machine, send back through time to the middle ages, who is believed to be a witch. its a romantic comedy. working title 'You Can't Fax Love'. you know, that could make a lot of money for me.

and if you even think of stealing it.... i'll make sure that valerie solonas comes and shoots you.

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