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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

I'm sorry, but The Da Vinci Code has to be one of the most ridiculous films I've ever seen. How people can take it seriously, and actually believe the stuff in it, is beyond me. We went to see the movie after going to the Neil Gaiman talk (from one cultural high point to an absolute low).

Things I learnt from the Da Vinci Code:
- Symbology is a 'science' that talks about the meaning of signs. Semiotics. Cultural Studies.
- Also, people in lecture theatres ask dumb questions to propel the plot.
- Albinos do in fact, have a soul. Its just corrupted from birth.
- For a plot twist to work, you don't necessarily need a plot. Example: Hanks throws the code box thing in the air, it falls and breaks, much to Ian McKellens dismay. But before he did it, he opened it up, took out the 1500 year old piece of paper, put it in his pocket, closed it, then threw it in the air, fall, broke, to poor old McKellen. The things you learn in movies.
- If you have a really bad hair cut, you are instantly an academic.
- The role of Audrey Tatou was to ask dumb questions.
- The role of Tom Hanks was to answer dumb questions in a dumb way, that sounded smart.
- For a secret society that no one knew about, a lot of people knew about it.

Frustrating. I fell asleep for twenty minutes. Not that it mattered. I laughed out loud for quite a few lines. People around me joined in. Crazy stuff.

All in all, I give the movie 1/10, because its probably the worst piece of contemporary filmmaking I have seen. Based on the worst piece of contemporary 'literature' I have ever kinda read.

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Hate to say I told you soooooooooooo!!!!