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Sunday, May 14, 2006

two accountants celebrating the end of the financial year

int. apartment - night

Two dull looking men, Steve and Michael, are wearing suits and party hats. They are middle aged, balding, and in the mood to party.

STEVE: Have you had any of the punch yet?
MICHAEL: No, but I am aware of its presence.
STEVE: I got it discounted.
MICHAEL: 10 percent?
STEVE: 15.
MICHAEL: Brilliant.
STEVE: I bought the gin to spike it wholesale.
MICHAEL: Have you done it yet?
STEVE: What?
MICHAEL: Spiked the punch.
STEVE: Not yet. Do you want to do it?

Michael puts gin in the punch.

STEVE: You're a devil.
MICHAEL: This is a great party.
STEVE: Who knows what the next financial year will bring?
MICHAEL: Receipts.
STEVE: Here's hoping.
MICHAEL: Lets drink to that.

They clink their glasses, and drink.

STEVE: My wife left me.

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