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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

the time is 3:42

and i am sitting outside with rhiannon's computer on my lap. mas203 assignment has been handed in, after a whole weekend of frustration and watching superman 1. i shoot the 'ribbon dancer' movie on friday, saturday and sunday. it seems under control, but like any movie shoot you just have to take it as it comes. if it fucks up, it fucks up, and you just have to try and figure out a way to get yourself out of the situation.

for those not in the know: ribbon dancer is a short (3 minutes) (3 minutes is pretty short) (we've been planning this 3 minute short for about 7 weeks not) pseudo-expressionistic-documentary about a lady named Iva Masec, who is a rhythmic gymnast. Ribbon Dancer. The movie is told in narration, as she tells us of her life struggles. Growing up in the Czezh republic, ribbon dancing was her only passion. then the russians came, and her life changed. i've probably made it sound a bit dodgy, but it is actually a moving story. its an interesting film to be part of, good project for our first film. see what happens anyway. i've been working on trying to get great shots for a while now. im cinematographer on this one. so post sunday it will be done.

this arvo i have the first production meeting for the beekeeper. i'll go into more detail about the film later, but its a revisionist superhero film. think batman begins-ish by way on unbreakable. im going for the naturalistic angle. i don't know what im talking about. its a superhero movie. its dark, a bit bloody, and about bees. so thats in production. wheels appear to be moving.

also making the news in my life: rhiannon, producer extraordinairre and uni friend, got us tickets for splendour in the grass after trying for 4 1/2 hours. we are eternally greatful and bow down to her majesty.

playing at splendour clap your hands say yeah, jose gonzales, the presets, others. its a realy good lineup. brian wilson... even though he's completely drug fucked, hes still got it. heard smile? pet sounds 2. pet. sounds. 2.

dave just came back with a jug of beer. i dont know if ill go to multimedia tute. i have to figure out the shot list with kate. rhiannon is on the phone to her friend, chatting about splendour arrangements. all is fun and great in the world.

da vinci code comes out tomorrow - will give my comments on that one when i see it. not expecting much. i wonder if i can catch this one on fire....

as marlon brando in superman says. monkey monkey monkey.

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