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Friday, May 26, 2006

gouge away.

it is now friday and its has been a busy week.
tuesday night I went and saw Neil Gaiman with Jess, Nick and Rhiannon. Great. He came to Mac Uni, and on a night of biblical rain sans ark, we went. He read a short story from his new collection 'Fragile Things' which was moving, funny and poignant. The kind of stuff you'd expect from Gaiman. But it being Gaiman, it was fucking brilliant. He also read a short poem 'When The Saucers Came', which was completely hilarious. He was a fascinating speaker and definitely one of the most interesting writing talents around at the moment.
Wednesday night a gang of macquarie film students went to popcorn taxi to see what cinematographer dion beebe had to say. He had to say lots. Played a few clips from Chicago, Memoirs (where the cinematography was the only high point) and In The Cut. The interviewer was an absolute tool, reminding me of the Chris Farley bit in SNL. '

Interviewer: You know... uh.... You know that bit in Collateral where the guy threw the other guy out of the window and he landed on the car and the glass smashed everywhere and stuff...
Beebe: Yes, what about it.
Interviewer: That was awesome...

I really want to see In The Cut now. Looks fantastic.

As well as being at uni all day, every day this week, its become 'crunch time' on the Beekeeper.
This week:
- Had a production meeting.
- Written a proposal for production.
- Had an interview with the convenor of Screen Production, regarding the film.
- Finished the final draft of the screenplay.
- Searched through showcast for actors
- Figured out the final budget
- We're also about to go out and find locations, speak to bee people, see if they can help us out.

Lots of work, that no one really has time to do. But we manage, because the film can be great.

I still have to write up stuff about Michael Haneke's Hidden, and Time of the Wolf. I watched Daredevil Directors Cut this morning, and was pretty impressed/interested in it. Alot of thematic stuff that is great for exploration. Like to look into that further, as my part of my contuining research into superhero mythology.

Also: Check out X Men 3 this weekend. They only care about the business on opening weekend, so check it out and show them that more more movies need to get made.

More soon.

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