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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

sleep is fantastic and i love it

i spent the weekend doing my news and current affairs essay. i probably could have done it relatively quickly, but the fact that i had to do it just kept annoying me. but it got done, finished at 4:30am. Handed in at 7 am. Work at 9. Uni Production meeting at 6. Home at 9. Alseep at 9.01. Being awake for oh, 38 hours is pretty bad.

Instead of doing my assignment, i found some brilliant stuff on youtube.
the first - wes anderson directing/starring in a commercial for american express. its like a short version of one of his films (a short film?). very french-new wave with the francois/criminal.

THAT also reminds me on a tangent, but there is a Melville retrospective as part of the Sydney Film Festival. They're playing Le Samourai, Bob Le Flambuer and Le Circle Rouge, plus five others. I will be going, mostly because the cinematheque is dead and theres no other way to see these movies. If you like Wes Anderson's sytle, you'd love these movies. They're smart, richly cinematic and a brand of french-cigarette smoking cool that could only come out of the 60s. Be a friend and come along. If you're reading this you're probably a film student, so no excuse!!

the second - a david lynch cigarette commerical. Its backwards, has fish falling from the sky (i think), two men dancing. If anything was to say 'this is david lynch', it would be this. bizzare.

so thats what i did instead of doing my essay. Plus start reading Marvel 1602. Its interesting.. Neil Gaiman is a clever bastard... in Marvel 1602 he transfers the Marvel Universe (to those non-geeks, thats Spiderman, X-Men, Daredevil, Captain America, Fantastic Four etc.) to the time of Queen Elizabeth. Interesting examination of mythology, and how the superhero would be represented in that time. Great art, too.

Today I got to sleep in, get 15 hours of sleep. Off to work in a few hours. First production meeting for the Beekeper is tomorrow, which means I have to do the screenplay. Goodbye, friend.

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